A Brief History of Straits Printers 1953 - Straits Printers began operations at a shophouse in Mohamed Ali Lane. 1978 - Offset printing department established with a single colour offset press. 1995 - Moved to larger premises at JTC flatted factory to support growing operations. Established digital printing operations using a monochrome digital press. 1999 - Offset printing department expanded to 5 offset presses. 2012 - Digital printing department expanded to support full colour printing. 2016 - Executed business transformation to modernise and automate processes. Moved to current premises at Nanyang Centre and completed a rebranding exercise. 2021 - Enhanced automation to sales, ordering and production. Invested in the latest production press model.
Straits Printers in Numbers - 1953 Founded, 68 Years, 22 Employees, 5 Printing Presses, 1500 Customers, 60000 Sheets Printed Daily